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Categories? As we get this "Anything Dog Allowed" forum going...
  • ProspectProspect October 2010

    As we get this "Anything Dog Allowed" forum going, what are some dog topic categories you think we ought to have?

  • MemphisDogMemphisDog October 2010

    You seem to do a lot of hiking into the woods. What items do you typically pack along?

  • CarlyDogCarlyDog October 2010

    A discussion for dog owners by state to find each other and create play groups would be great.

  • TheChauffeurTheChauffeur October 2010

    MemphisDog, the biggest item is to make sure we have access to water. Places we have been to a lot and are familiar with suitable creeks, springs, lakes, etc., we plan are hike to hit these water sources at appropriate times.

    For new places or places with no suitable water sources, we always make sure to pack a collapsible bowl and bottle of water.

    And if our hike will be close to eating time, I pack a granola bar or snack for me and something for Prospect.

  • TheChauffeurTheChauffeur October 2010

    CarlyDog - great idea.

  • SkeeterSkeeter November 2010

    Carlydog has great idea. How about categories for major cities too.

  • ReelGirlReelGirl November 2010

    A catagory I would like to see is which campgrounds actually have "dog friendly" rangers (even if the literature says "dogs allowed"! We have found 2 in the past few months that have gone above and beyond the usual camp ranger title - - that have actually "loved up" our dogs and have made sure we will be repeat campers!

  • ProspectProspect November 2010

    ReelGirl - great idea. We've created a forum category "Dog Friendly / Unfriendly Places" (open to suggestions for snazzier title).

    Also, one of the many features on is you can create and manage your own points on our Journey Guide Map ( ). For each point you can add an appropriate description, photos, etc.

    We would love to hear any input on map categories you feel would be helpful. Additional categories not on the map currently, we plan to add are:

    1) Dog obedience, training (under K9Services)
    2) Category for dog friendly people shops, patio restaurants, etc. (working on concise title for this category)