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Jack Russell Terrier
  • Renee September 2011

    I have 2 Jack Russell Terriers, a male who's 11 and a female who's 8. The female has serious issues with separation anxiety and loud noises, ie thunder, jets and even cars just hitting the storm drain cover on the street near our house. The vet we had when she was a pup put her on "puppy prozac" and 2 other meds to try to calm her down. They did they opposite, to the point that we couldn't get her attention at all. Her eyes were totally glazed over. Her blood pressure got so high the insides of her ears were burgundy! Children's Benedryl does the same thing. She's been on a grain free diet for over 7 years. It's helped, we can get her attention when she exhibits the unwanted behaviors (circling and barking at inanimate objects) and we give her Bach's Rescue Remedy if we know a storm is coming, but it's not "strong" enough. I'm so afraid she's going to have a stroke or a heart attack. I'm wondering if there's anything like Ritalin in the veterinary (or natural) world yet. The male exhibits none of these traits, in fact, seems to love chaos (parades, etc). Thunderstorms don't bother him at all. He thinks he's LARGER than life (typical jack!). Thank you for your time, Renee