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Rescue pup with fever of unknown origins.
  • Rescue pup was pulled 4 weeks ago, starved, dehydrated, second degree burns on his chest, we did, sub-q fluids, and spoon feeding for 2 days before he could walk again, that Friday we did a fecal float/parvo test, pos for parvo. So we did Cerenia, tamiflu, and IV fluids for 4 days, he only threw up once, and only had diarrhea the first day. after day 4 he was eating again, and playing. but developed a cough, fearful the parvo had caused heart problems we went back to the vet, it was kennel cough, doxycycline for 10 days. He has been off his antibiotics for almost a week now, his last check up 8/9/11 showed him free of intestinal parasites, heartworms, a cough, his kidney and liver function tests came back normal, and his heart appeared normal as well, he received a full check up, and passed everything, except his temp, which has been 103.1 since the day I brought him home, with the exception of when he had parvo when it went to 104.6 before coming back down. My vet has classified it as a Fever of Unknown Origins, and said to just keep an eye on him. Any suggestions?