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Urinary tract food question
  • PuggyBuddyPuggyBuddy June 2011

    First of all, thanks for offering your time!!
    We have 3 dogs, 2 of which have occasional problems with struvite crystals in their urine. We tried the Hills Science Diet Rx food for this, but they hated it and refused it, no matter what we did to make it more attractive to them. The vet switched them to Royal Canin for Urinary Tract, and they are doing much better on this brand. My question is: will eating this food cause problems for the 3rd dog, who does not have struvite problems, by maybe throwing her urine Ph in the opposite direction? They tend to play "musical dog food bowls" when they eat, apparently thinking that what's in the other bowl looks/smells better than their own. I should add that they don't exclusively eat the Rx food: we prepare meals for them using chicken, turkey, fish, vegetables and rice, and then add the Rx dry to it. One of the ''struvite' dogs also has some food allergies and is doing much better with this food plan. Ideas, suggestions, advice? Thanks!!!