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Adding pictures
  • RescueGangRescueGang March 2011

    Can somebody tell me how to add pictures in a album please ? I don't see anywhere to do this.

  • TheChauffeurTheChauffeur March 2011

    This navigation is something we've just updated and will make more obvious from the photo pages.

    When you sign in, click on 'My Profile' in the upper right. On your profile, click the 'My Photos' buttons. You will see an 'Add an Album' button on the right side.

    You will be asked to name the Album and enter a description. Then you will proceed to the photo uploader.

    Keep in mind, images must be 1.5MB or less. If needed there will be a link to quick resizing steps. (This limitation will be the first enhancement to the website. We were planning on a 5MB limit, but our hosting service changed rules on us at last moment.)

    Thank you for the feedback.

  • RescueGangRescueGang March 2011

    Thank you for your help..I want to post a picture of me in my new Tee Shirt I won with all my rescues around me if I can get them all to cooperate ...And of coarse show them all off :)

  • TheChauffeurTheChauffeur March 2011

    LOVE the album you created. Everyone should check it out:

  • RescueGangRescueGang March 2011

    Thanks Chauffeur, I do love all my pupper. Rescue is a very important part of my life.