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Fence Fixes
  • kelzpopkelzpop March 2011

    I'd love some advice on how to fix a fence to actually contain my dogs. We have concreted the base, placed rock around the base and even put up a second fence in some areas. My pups are relentless and love to dig out so they aren't getting much outside time these days, which I hate.

    Does anybody have any good advice on what to do to keep them from digging out?

  • robert March 2011

    go to your local mfa or orschelns and purchase an electric fence box and run your wire along the bottom of your chain link fence my neighbor did this to keep his beagles in and it worked

  • TheChauffeurTheChauffeur March 2011

    FYI - MFA and Orschelns are farm & home stores for those outside Missouri or the Midwest.

    What type of fence do you have? If it's panel wire, mesh, chicken wire, or something similar, a thought I had was to dig a trench around the perimeter and bury the bottom. Of course, if your dogs are deep diggers this may be difficult. But if you only need to go 6-8 inches deep, digging into the wire may be enough of a deterrent.

    This thread reminded me of a couple beagle pups my brother & I had as kids. Mine, Benji, would keep getting out while the other, Duke wouldn't. After many times of chasing down Benji and not figuring how he escaped out of the 6-foot high chicken wire pen, my brother and I hid in a nearby cedar tree and watched. We were amazed. And to this day I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.

    Whenever something would grab Duke's attention out the west end of the pen, Benji would sprint to the east end of the pen and jump about halfway up throwing himself into the chicken wire where there was some slack. The slack created just enough bounce it acted as a trampoline and sent him over the top of the fence.

    Funny how smart the dog was not only to figure this out but to make sure the other dog didn't learn!

  • CherylCheryl March 2011

    If you prefer not to use the electric fence solution you can purchase some rebar or metal rods. Cut them to be about 3-4 feet long, depending upon how far your dog digs down. Drive them into the ground at the base of the fence at intervals that the dog can not escape through. For example, I have a Lab that is 80 lbs. We poured a cement edge, used cinder block, stones, chicken wire, etc. and nothing stopped her. Finally, I drove 3 ft metal rods into the ground at 8 inch intervals around the bottom of the fence. That managed to contain her and I now have peace of mind when she goes outside.

  • AlphaFemaleAlphaFemale April 2011

    Usually if you use the electric fence just a handfull of times of getting zapped with it will be a deterant enough that you won't have to plug in the box very often.

  • DSRJennDSRJenn April 2011

    At Dog Star Ranch, we have actually lowered the fences so they are about a foot underground. That may be more work to get it there, but it has worked great for us. Best of luck :)

  • loboluvr April 2011

    someone was just asking me today about how to keep their dog from digging under the fence. funny about the dog bouncing off the fence. i will have to pass some of this info her way. i also heard put pine cones in dirt they won't like the feel of them when digging.