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Healthy dogs and their humans...
  • DSRJennDSRJenn February 2011

    I have recently started to get my behind in gear after this cold and snowy winter that we have had and pledge to get healthier. I have three dogs, but it's my german shorthair that helps me keep the most active. We go for walks regularly, go to the dog park regularly (although that is more exercise for her than me), she goes for bike rides with me when it's warmer... I'm just looking for more suggestions to keep both me and Lexi active and healthy together. Any thoughts or recommendations?

  • TheChauffeurTheChauffeur February 2011

    Prospect & I do many of the similar activities. We both suffer from sore knees at times. Swimming is a great activity to work off some of his energy. When my knee is sore, it helps him get exercise without me walking much. And when his knee is sore, swimming is a good exercise to help strengthen his leg without him walking.

    He loves to fetch his ball from the water. But to keep him swimming for longer periods, I will toss a small floating treat, after he gets the first treat, I'll toss another in a different direction so he swims to it instead of the shore, and so on until he gets tired enough he doesn't swim after the treats but to the shore.

  • drjzp5drjzp5 February 2011

    DSRJenn, can you give me some tips on "bike training" my dog? I'd like to ride my bike when it gets warm, but I don't want to have to choose between my bike and taking Coco with me. Do you keep your dog on a leash or does she just stick with you?

  • DSRJennDSRJenn April 2011

    Sorry, I haven't been on in a while... I love the idea of swimming too. My old girl has sore hips and that is the best for her and takes that weight off the joints.

    drjzp5, it took some patience, but it's been a great activity for us to share. I actually purchased a WalkyDog. It's an attachment that goes below the seat of the bike then attachs to Lexi's collar. I don't know if it has a spring or elastic in it, but has some "give" so if Lexi moves a little one way or the other, it doesn't pull me over. I'm sure a leash would be similar, just take some time and patience and make sure that Coco get's used to the moving bike being so close to her. Once Lexi figured it out, she loved it! Most of the areas that we ride at there is traffic so I don't like the idea of her being off leash. She loves it as she is more athletic than I am. Happy biking :)

  • drjzp5drjzp5 April 2011

    Wow, the WalkyDog is MUCH cheaper than the Springer attachments. I may just have to invest in one and test it out!

  • DSRJennDSRJenn April 2011

    That's the big reason that I tried it out. It may not have as much "give"/springiness (not sure that's a word...) as the springer attachments, but it has worked really well for us. Best of luck to you :)

  • Brain June 2011

    Well best of luck to you and keep on exercising your dog and healthy dog looks pretty and energetic and its good news.