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Hello Dog Lover!

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Fun gift for dog lovers (or just for yourself!)
  • ReelGirlReelGirl February 2011

    I rec'd "Dog Grass - Garden in a Bag" for Christmas and thought it was so cool. I added a picture in my photo gallery taken after one week of growing my dog grass.

    Here is the company that makes this and other pet treats you can grow yourself:

  • DSRJennDSRJenn February 2011

    That's really neat! Thanx for sharing their site :)

  • RescueGangRescueGang March 2011

    Where is the photo gallery and how do you add them ? I want to see your pix and add some of my own on our page.

  • PuggyBuddyPuggyBuddy August 2011

    I like to make up 'welcome' baskets for new dogs owners. In the basket I will put samples of different doggie snacks that our dogs like, in zipper-style bags that are labeled so that they know what to buy if their new canine friend likes it. This way, they get to try several different treats without having to purchase a large quantity that the dog might not really care for. I also include some clean-up bags, a toy or two, and maybe a blanket or a towel. Since we discovered the collapsible water dishes, we keep one in our vehicle all the time, just in case. I think this will be added to our next welcome basket. I'm sure other dog lovers can think of things that they would also add to such a gift. Hopefully, they'll share those ideas with us here too!