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Doggie Diets...
  • DSRJennDSRJenn January 2011

    I love to explore and learn more about canine nutrition and how it impacts overall health and behavior. I am a big fan of raw, natural diets for my dogs, but there are also some kibbles that I like very much also. What are some of your favorite canine menus and why? Thank you for sharing!

  • dogmomdogmom January 2011

    I have my dog on a grain free natural food - or human food diet. He blew his CCL (ACL) in July and had to have surgery and loose weight. (He also has a bad hip). We started the diet the first week of August and we're down 18 pounds in 4 months. (112 to 94).

    He gets 1 1/2 cups twice a day. Protein and vegetables:
    Turkey, sweet potatoes, beets
    Beef (or Salmon), carrots, celery

    I try to keep it interesting and cycle the protein sources. I also add different proteins like lentils, kidney beans, cottage cheese or yogurt.

    He's also on a bunch of supplements (given by holistic vet) that include flax seed oil, omega-3's, glucosimine and calcium.

    His overall health has greatly improved. He's an 11 year old yellow lab who is happy and full of life despite some minor pain. He has recovered from his knee surgery and is at about 90% of where he was pre-surgery, but 100% healthier than when he was on grain based dog food (Blue).

  • DSRJennDSRJenn January 2011

    That's awesome! Have you ever read the book by Dr. Pitcairn? I love that one and it's a great reference for some health issues.

    I love doing the raw foods (and my dogs love it too), but I admit that sometimes I get lazy. A lot of times I mix raw natural foods with Orijen kibble. That's been my favorite as far as a processed food goes and it's the only kibble diet that my vet (also holistic) will agree with, but I always see much better results when they are on the raw.

    Thank you for sharing your story! Your lab is beautiful!

  • PuggyBuddyPuggyBuddy February 2011

    What do you think about the Wysong raw diet burgers? They are dried and pretty convenient, but a bit costly. Our dogs liked them but still prefer the type of diet that dogmom lists above. I just wondered if anyone else has tried them...

  • DSRJennDSRJenn February 2011

    You know, I don't know much about the Wysong diets personally. When it comes to raw frozen foods, I have tried Primal and Nature's Variety raw frozen patties. The Nature's Variety if far better - more for your money and my dogs love it where my picky guy wouldn't eat the Primal.

    Having three dogs, I understand how it can be costly. What I have started doing and my dogs love it is using Honest Kitchen's dehydrated foods (complete with protein and veggies). My little guy only gets that and my big girls get a scoop of Acana kibble on top. It helps me disperse the cost a little, but I know that they are getting good nutrition. They love the Honest Kitchen! I add extra water so it's very soup like and they love it. I agree that Dogmom has the best idea, this has just worked for me with my crazy schedule and still giving my kids what they need :)

  • stellastella April 2011

    Ozzie is alergic to beef protien! (he's the beagle mix)So we feed Ozzie and Harriet a diet dog food which our vet supplies. It consists of sweet potatoe, duck, soy, those are the main ingredients. They love cooked carrots and veggies from time to time we mix it in their food. There is raw hides that are made out of potatoes, they love those!

  • Brain June 2011

    Raw diet is absolutely best for the dog and i am very curious about dog's diet and i also give this diet to my dog.

  • PuggyBuddyPuggyBuddy June 2011

    I don't know if Honest Kitchen is available in our area. But I like the sweet potato/duck/soy food idea. I'd have to watch our allergic baby to make sure the soy agreed with her. Is there a brand name of what your vet provides, Stella, or is it something that they create themselves? And what about the potato rawhides, do you have a brand name for them?