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Using Harness vs Collar
  • SkeeterSkeeter January 2011

    I know leashing straight to a collar is not best for dogs throat. But getting a harness on can be challenging and sometimes I don’t feel like taking the time to harness. And my dog doesn’t seem to enjoy walks with the harness as much. Anyone have any thoughts about using harness intermittently versus every walk?

  • CarlyDogCarlyDog January 2011

    If your dog doesn’t pull and create constant strain on the neck you should be ok. My understanding is that the problems start with dogs that are continually tugging pulling and jerking on the leash.

  • MemphisDogMemphisDog January 2011

    Like CarlyDog said, as long as there isn’t a lot of jerking and constant pull using a collar most of the time with harness for longer more active (pulling) walks should be ok. What I don’t like to see people use are choker collars. IMO they are cruel and you should never use anything that causes pain. I’ve heard tragic stories where people didn’t understand choker collars and the dog ended up dying from damage caused.

  • Buddy January 2011

    I agree with CarlyDog and MemphisDog. Know your dog and if you think she will be pulling a lot take the time (and love) to harness. There are several styles of harnesses you might find one that is more convenient for you.