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  • Newslady77Newslady77 December 2010

    Taking a little road trip to visit some family the week after Christmas on Amelia Island, FL. The lady I'm renting the beach house from says that Florida is really dog-friendly when it comes to beaches. Georgia beaches (where I live) are not so dog-friendly, so we haven't had a lot of beach time with the pups. Any advice or things I should be aware of, since we aren't savvy when it comes to dogs on the beach? (Obviously not letting them drink the water, but things along those lines that I probably wouldn't think of...) Thanks! PS - Love this site already!

  • ProspectProspect December 2010

    We have friend near that part of Florida that enjoys the beaches with her dogs. She is a nurse and currently in a middle of several days of long shifts, but she sent us a text earlier today saying she will get on here in several days with some info.

  • PuggyBuddyPuggyBuddy August 2011

    We go to the beach for our vacation in December and our dogs love it. We have noticed that dogs that retrieve things from the water (balls, frisbees, etc) tend to get frothy slobbers from the salt. It doesn't seem to bother them, but it looks kind of strange. Be sure to take plenty of doggie clean-up bags, not only for YOUR dog, but for the 'landmines' left by irresponsible dog owners. Most owners are pretty good about cleaning up, but a few don't. Keep your property up off of the sand if possible, because male dogs tend to want to mark everything they see, including your beach bag & picnic basket. Occasionally, a fur-baby will step on a sharp leaf or sticker, so be prepared to remove the object. Ours like to have a shady refuge to snooze under, so we take an umbrella. We have a little pug who doesn't like to sit on the sand; in fact, the first year we took her, she spent a great deal of time visiting families with blankets & umbrellas (we had beach chairs). Once she even sneaked away, only to be found a few minutes later sitting on a blanket under an umbrella sharing cheese puffs with a family of 4. Now we take a toddler's beach lounge chair for her to relax on & be up away from the sand & she's much happier. A lot of people take water enough to share with other doggies, but just in case, take a bowl & a jug of water; keep in mind that dogs playing tag with one another will be jumping & scuffling around & that sand WILL get in the water. We keep it under our chair and pull it out for quick drinks frequently; this helps a bit to keep the salty sand out of it. Keep your leash & collar handy - you might want to have a separate one for the beach because the salt water will corrode the metal parts. Dog beaches are great fun & you see a lot of different breeds there. I guarantee that your fur baby will sleep soundly after a day at the beach!!!