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Happy Thanksgiving Day Contest
  • TheChauffeurTheChauffeur November 2010

    Happy Thanksgiving to all our dog friends (and of course their humans).

    As we give thanks for all the blessings in our life, I would like hear the reasons why you are thankful for dogs.

    Everyone who posts a reply here prior to 11:59pm on Monday, November 29 will be entered into a random drawing. The selected winner will receive a $50 gift card from either PetSmart or PetCo (winner’s choice).

    I am thankful for dogs because of their loyal devotion, unconditional love, and encouragement to not take life so seriously.

    I am specifically thankful for Prospect. He is such a wonderful and obedient dog (even if he is a tad bit spoiled). Prospect motivates me to get daily exercise and enjoy the outdoors. He not only provides the perfect companionship during road trips but he gets me to explore and appreciate stops along the way I otherwise would ignore.

    I am grateful Prospect is such a friendly dog. This helps me meet so many amazing and kind dogs and humans across the nation.

    God Bless you and your dog family.

    ~The Chauffeur

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  • SkeeterSkeeter November 2010

    I am thankful for my daily reminder to wake up and get out of bed!!

  • dogmomdogmom November 2010

    I am thankful for my dog for so many reasons. He is my best friend and loyal companion, comedian and therapist. With him, I am never alone. I am thankful for our wonderful memories of the antics of puppy hood; hiking and camping when he was young; car rides and now, walks in the neighborhood. I am thankful for his tremendous recovery from liver failure 2 years ago and knee surgery 3 months ago.

    Dogs give us humans so much peace an joy - but darnit, they just don't live long enough. But I am thankful for every second they are a part of our lives.

  • Robin November 2010

    I am thankful for my dog for being a good snuggler on cold mornings, a friend that cheers me up, and a happy face when i get home from work each night.

  • Buddy November 2010

    I am thankful for dogs in general because they are not judgmental and want to like people the same. Buddy is one friend I know will always like me regardless and will love me no matter if I'm rich or poor.

  • CarlyDogCarlyDog November 2010

    I am thankful for my dog Carly because she is always playful, keeps me company, and is the cutest dog ever even when she gets in trouble.

  • DogMaDogMa November 2010

    I'm so very thankful for Lucy, the canine love of my life, who has been the light of my life, and sometime the endearing pain in my ass, since she was 8 weeks old. She has held steadfast by my side with unequivocal unconditional love during the most stressful, traumatic, and continually changing last three years of my life. The precocious little puppy who'd ride the shopping cart kiddie seat through Home Depot, trapsed up and down the coast thousands of miles in all weather to be a young shop dog at a new store I was operating, lived through a dangerous criminal environment in Vallejo, CA, yet still remained the consummate people lover even after a break-in that scared her off, empathized with my angst in losing a family member to cancer followed by financial loss and eventually the only home she grew up in after being drug around for 2 years with no consistency or routine. She learned everything she knows just by her intuitive sensitivity to me and to people. She went from an ubridled energetic innocent pup to a bonifide therapy dog that I can't stand to be without. Lucy is my angel and I thank God every day that I have her blessing my life, feeling special that she chose me.

  • MemphisDogMemphisDog November 2010

    I am thankful for my dog because he helps keep me on schedule. Without Rodger I might sleep late and be late for work! I might forget it is dinner time sometimes too. Rodger also gets me out of the house when I don't always feel like it and we go to Shelby Farms, meet new people (and dogs) and I get fresh outdoor air that I need.

  • carmy November 2010

    I am thankful for all 5 of my doggy family members, because they love us all unconditionally (even grandpop), and we love them all in return. My two teen daughters barely say hello when I come home (although there is unconditional love there too), but my K9 kids jump for joy when I walk through the door, even if I was gone for 30 seconds to get the mail. Dogs always make you feel loved.

  • Btflmutant November 2010

    I am thankful that my blind dog is able to run with me. He's limited in what he can do but he can still run 6 miles with me and feel like there's nothing wrong with him.

  • Newslady77Newslady77 November 2010

    I am thankful for dogs because of their amazing ability to love unconditionally, regardless of their plight in life. I have always rescued dogs and their ability to love, regardless of the hand that life has dealt them is amazing. While humans can become jaded and hardened, dogs see the good in people. My rescued dogs always have this sense of "gratitude," as if to say, "Thank you for giving me a chance." I laugh daily because of dogs and I am a better person because of them. I have 4 rescued dogs currently and there is nothing that I wouldn't do for them. Dogs rule.

  • Traceb November 2010

    I am thankful for my dog, Penny because she brought more happiness into our family than this OCD mom could believe. She made me realize that life is for living and not to sweat the small stuff (i.e. the chewed shoes, the accidents on the floor, my headphones which are missing to this day, the various things we cannot find and when we do find them they are destroyed, the #2 packages she leaves to surprise me, and so much more) still OCD but a dog-loving one now.

  • arlsmom November 2010

    I am so thankful for our puppy because of the joy she has brought to my girls. They love this dog so very much and it is a wonderful bond that can only be had between a dog and it's owner.

  • kp November 2010

    Eight years ago I lived in a 2nd house on my mother's property, and had to play by her rules...when I told her I wanted a dog, she resisted even though her husband was all for the idea. She wasn't so happy when I came home from the local animal shelter with a beautiful blonde shepard mix. Mom is a festidious housekeeper and she doesn't like change or unpredictibility and was very stressed about the thought of a barking dog waking her up at night (her house was across the driveway), or coming into her house and messing things up or making it dirty. She soon changed her mind about my new fur-kid when she found a very trainable and well behaved dog, and was very impressed that I had trained her so well. I found unconditional love and companionship beyond anything a human can provide. I'm sooo thankful for the time I've been able to spend with my 1st dog (i'm still a cat person, but will never again be without a dog in my life). She's the love of my life, and I can't even remember life before her. As I type this while laying on the bed, my fur-kid is keeping me warm on a winters day by laying beside me.

  • ReelGirlReelGirl November 2010

    I have had dogs my entire life.

    I have loved and grieved dogs my entire life.

    I am thankful that I have been given the opportunity to know the love of a dog since childhood, and also the grief of losing a dog. Neither is easy.

    But I do know, that my dogs, will always be my family and will always travel with me. We will not vacation in a spot that does welcome our dogs!

    I am also thankful that one of my dearest friends, FINALLY, became a dog owner/Lover - TraceB!

    Reel Girl

  • kelzpopkelzpop November 2010

    I am utterly thankful for my 2 girls. I can honestly say they help my depression greatly. When my son was born and I suffered from PPD, the dogs would raise my spirits greatly by demanding attention and showing me love. I also love seeing my toddler run up and give them a big hug, just cause he can. It makes me happy to know that he will grow up to be a pet lover. :)

    While there are days when they annoy me (usually when they do a Houdini style escape from the fence), I couldn't live without them and definitely wouldn't want to! I love curling up with the little one in my lap and the big one laying at my feet. Our home would just be too quiet without them here as our extra children.