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Have you seen us?
  • ProspectProspect November 2010

    We've met some great people during our recent trip thru Kansas and Oklahoma. Have you seen us on the road in the K9-Mobile? We'd love to hear from you.

  • ReelGirlReelGirl February 2011

    When will you make it out to California?

  • TheChauffeurTheChauffeur March 2011

    I'm hoping this fall. Our spring has filled up with trips south, east and north. Right now we're planning on Dallas towards end of March; Ohio and Wash DC in April; western New York in May; possibly Michigan in May/June. rose out of a plan to drive to the Grand Canyon but we haven't made it to the southwest yet. But intent is to make that drive this fall when weather starts to cool and head on to the coast. One of my personal dreams is to drive the entire Pacific Coast Highway, but Prospect & I won't get that ambitious this year.

    We'll make it to Orange County area to see some friends. If things go well we'll make it up to San Fran and around.