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Still seeing Ticks
  • TheChauffeurTheChauffeur November 2010

    Even though it's been very cool, even cold, for several days and this is the second cold snap of the fall, Prospect had a tick crawling on him after this morning's hike.

    Friendly reminder that the only way to prevent against ticks, fleas, & parasite is regular, routine treatments with your choice of flea & tick and heartworm medicine.

  • SkeeterSkeeter November 2010

    Those pesky ticks! I treat Skeeter year-round for fleas & ticks and heartworms.

  • CarlyDogCarlyDog November 2010

    Carly Dog gets heartworm medicine year round and frontline from March to November. It gets cold enough here in winter I don't worry about ticks and fleas.

  • K9GmaK9Gma November 2010

    Saw a tick this week. Did some research. Freezing does not kill ticks.
    So best to use preventive measures and frequently check for them after walks in the parks/woods/trails.

  • Buddy November 2010

    year round treatment here

  • ReelGirlReelGirl November 2010

    Even though we live in an a "suburban" area, we check for ticks every time we pet, rub, brush our dogs - - ya just never know - - and we have found them!

  • vanessavanessa June 2011

    I use 'Revolution.' It takes care of flea and ticks, heartworms, and even ear mites. Cost is aroung $20 a month for one pet.