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Time Change & Dinner Change
  • TheChauffeurTheChauffeur October 2010

    How do other dog providers handle changes to & from daylight savings time?

    Do you keep the same nominal time (5pm is 5pm) and make a hard one-hour shift with the clock?

    Or when time falls back does dinner time for the dog go from 6pm to 5pm?

    Or, if you're dinner time is at 5pm, do you slowly adjust a week or two before - first going to 5:15, then 5:30, until time to change the clock you're at 6 old time and 5pm new?

  • CorgiGal October 2010

    Generally, I try to start adjusting eating time about one week before the time change. Usual eating time 4:00 would go to 4:15 for a couple days then to 4:30 etc. Moving back is harder than going forward. In the spring, not much change is needed, as the Corgi's are always ready to eat and feel extra special eating early. In the fall, they feel as if they are being punished. LOL......

  • Robin October 2010

    I will have to try that this week with my dogs. We've always made the leap at once!