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K9 Services Ideas
  • ProspectProspect October 2010

    As we build out the Journey Guide Map with K9 Services categories -- what categories would you like to see?

    Dog Groomers?
    Dog Sitters?
    Pet Supply Stores?

  • CarlyDogCarlyDog October 2010

    What about pet stores? I have been traveling and needed to get some new toys.

  • SkeeterSkeeter October 2010

    When you get the pet-friendly hotels on the map that will be very useful as I plan trips with Skeeter

  • MemphisDogMemphisDog October 2010

    knowing vets in the area would be really helpful.... just in case

  • Robin October 2010

    I used PetCareChoice. LOW PRICE and reasonable delivery time. I was very impressed.

  • twisted63twisted63 January 2011

    Motel 6 - sometimes good, sometimes not so good - but they always accept pets free of charge.

  • Mochi January 2011

    I would love any info on traveling to National Parks with dogs as my friend & I are wanting to drive from Chicago to Seattle with a Rottweiler & 2 pugs;) Especially where to lodge and if dogs aren't allowed in park whether they have a park-your-pup or where the closest boarding would be. Love your site!

  • DSRJennDSRJenn January 2011

    For anyone in the Michigan area, stop by Dog Star Ranch in Muskegon, Michigan. We offer 48 acres of dog parks, ponds, and nature trails. We also offer doggie daycare, overnight boarding care, positive training options, grooming, and a My Way Home placement program. If you have any questions, ask me or check out

  • TheChauffeurTheChauffeur January 2011


    You're comment prompted Prospect & I to add pet policies for National Parks, along with links to the individual park websites and dog policies.

    While we already had individual state park policies under the Journey Guide tab ( ) we hadn't put together National Park pet policies.

    Typically, National Parks are restricted in the areas that dogs are allowed. Generally dogs are not allowed in backcountry, backcountry trails, and often not off paved areas. A few National Parks prohibit dogs altogether (like Channel Islands National Park in California).

    Check out what we've done so far -- see the Nat'l Park Dog Info link under the Journey Guide tab ( ).

    About 1/3 of the parks are done. I hope to have this completed over the net week.

  • TheChauffeurTheChauffeur January 2011

    FYI - Just finished the Nat'l Park Dog Info section.

  • RescueGangRescueGang March 2011

    We live in Hot Springs Arkansas, We are 1/4 mile from the National Forest. We have a bunch of National Parks here and they love us pupper as long as our humans keep us on a leash and make sure to pick up any poop we might have to leave behind..It is very beautiful here in the summer and fall.